Getting CMMC Certified-ISO 9001 Tulsa OK-ISO PROS #48

Getting CMMC Certified in Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)

CMMC is a standard for enhancing cybersecurity on the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). It is the next big move that is taken by the Department of Defense (DoD) in ensuring that all the information is kept confidential and does not leak to the hands of undesired individuals. The announcement for a certification program came from DoD in mid-year 2019 with many several versions of CMMC released to the public. 

CMMC standards are for DoD contractors and subcontractors that are expected to comply by 2026. However, the same standards can be used by the general public to improve their cybersecurity system though it is al voluntary for this latter group.

Hiring Experts for Implementation and Certification

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The Certification Requirements

CMMC has five different levels, with each level having different degrees of cybersecurity. During an assessment, the organization will be assessed based on the highest level of CMMC implemented. This means that you can implement level one of the cybersecurity and get certification for it. You can proceed to two, three, four, and even five and get certified for both. Please note that the degree of cybersecurity increases as you advance from level one to level five, and they are cumulative. Each level is built on the previous level. So, there is no way you can get certified for say level four before level 3, 2, and 1.

CMMC is not an international standard. It is only applicable to the DoD contractor in the United States and not any other country. So, it can as well be said that it is a regulation that aims at enhancing the security of information that is stored in the DoD servers.

Certification for CMMC is done by accredited organizations, just as it happens with other ISO standards. This means that DoD is not responsible for certification. Organizations were allowed to do self-verification before the idea of third-party verification. However, that was found with many defects as it was not easy to determine how honest an organization is. For that reason, the certification has been shifted to the accredited individuals who will do auditing and certify.

Presently, DoD contractors and subcontractors are still preparing to comply and get certified for CMMC since the window is still open and there is still time. There is training, gap analysis, implementation, and finally certification. As an organization, all the staff needs to be trained about this new standard and its need that has come urgently and is a must. The implementation is also done by staff members who are selected as the CMMC committee members.