Getting CMMI Certified-ISO 9001 Tulsa OK-ISO PROS #48

Getting CMMI Certified in Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)

Before you can even think of getting CMMI certification, you need to first know what it is and its importance for your information. This is where many people get it wrong that they rush to seek certification even before they understand why they need to do it. Your organization may not need CMMC (just kidding) but you run into a race because your competitor has done it.

CMMI specifies guidelines that are used to increase the efficiency of an organization and improve performance. These are the best guidelines that have been proved to work and are now accepted across the globe. CMMI has specific standards for a different objective. Currently, we have three different CMMI that are as follows:

  • CMMI for development
  • CMMI for services
  • CMMI for acquisition

When CMMI was being established, it only targets the software improvement. However, it has evolved to cover many aspects of an organization including hardware. Just like CMMC that we will not say much about here, CMMI also has five different levels that are charged with different functions as outlined below:

  • Processes are performed – Level 1
  • Processes are managed – Level 2
  • Processes are defined – Level 3
  • Processes are quantitatively managed – Level 4
  • Processes are optimized — Level 5

Here, we note that CMMI is all about achieving the best process optimization. Though it is done in stages, the ultimate goal is to optimize processes within an organization. With this level of optimization, you can be sure to realize higher efficiency and performance improvement.


Certification for CMMI

While CMMC is mainly for the DoD contractors and subcontractors, CMMI is more general and carries almost everyone along regardless of the industry and size of an organization. You can implement CMMI without getting to the certification phase and still enjoy many benefits as this is not done for recognition. In many cases, CMMI benefits the organization where it is successfully implemented. However, there are instances when certification can become useful or give you an advantage over your bitter rivals.

Contact experts at ISO Pros to prepare your organization for certification by first implementing CMMI and finally, proceed with the certification process. We have the best experience that you need to handle all the problems that you might be facing. If there is anything that is not clear to you or you don’t know the best approach to take when it comes to CMMI implementation, then our consultants are here to help you out.

Advantages of working with ISO Pros

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