Getting IATF 16949 Certified-ISO 9001 Tulsa OK-ISO PROS #48

Getting IATF 16949 Certified in Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)

This an international standard that was developed by the IATF to provide for quality requirements for automotive manufacturers and all their associates. Its main aim is for producing quality parts that meet the expectations of customers in the global market. The certification for IATF 16949 is an indication that you have implemented a quality management system according to the specifications.

Why is IATF 16949 certification necessary?

You need to achieve the IATF 16949 certification as soon as possible. Even if you need recertification, you should not hesitate to do it as you already know the benefits that come with it. We have listed common benefits of getting certified below:

  • You add to the reputation of your business
  • You get global recognition because you have met the global standards
  • You get a better opportunity to win more clients since they can trust the quality of your products
  • You get to meet the quality expectations of your customers
  • You will always be producing high-quality products and the quality can consistently be improved over the years.

What do you need to do for certification?

You don’t have to struggle to get certified for IATF 16949 as we have professionals to help you out. We have ISO consultants that can take you through the training needed to implement this quality management system and consequently certify you.                 


Certification services to use

Although IATF 16949 is published by the International Organization for Standardization, this body is not responsible for certifying organizations that have successfully implemented it. It is a process that is done by a third-party organization. When looking for such an organization in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you need to consider many different factors that we are going to highlight here.

Check for accreditation – Any certificate that is issued by a company that is not accredited to offer such services may be considered invalid. So, ensure that you are hiring the best service provider.

Reputation – Check to see that the auditors in that organization have enough experience and a good work reputation in your industry. Being that this is a standard for the automotive industry, the person contracted to perform auditing should be knowledgeable about the industry.

Cost of certification – Different service providers have different price tags for their services since it is not regulated. You can get exploited if you don’t compare the cost of doing the same from two or more individuals.

Response time – You should apply for certification when you are ready. That means that you need the auditing to be done sooner rather than later.

IATF implementation by ISO Pros will give you the best experience. We are known all over Tulsa, Oklahoma for the quality of services that we offer. We have many years of experience in offering many different certification services. We are not only experienced in IATF 16949 but also many other international standards. So, you can contact us for this and any other ISO implementation and certification that you need for your organization. We are all available to help you in achieving what you need.